A week of introductions

Last week consisted of our INSET training and our introduction to the school. However first was a trip to Ikea on the Saturday. I wanted to get loads of stuff but it was actually quite overwhelming and so I only came out with one bit of furniture and some odd bits and bobs.

We went to the Ikea in Sha Tin and it was quite a trek to get there! We had to take a bus to Tuen Mun, the MTR for about 40 mins, then switch to another MTR train for another 15/20 mins and then a couple of mins walk to the Ikea – it wasn’t too traumatic and I might do it again this weekend – now i’ve got my head around what I need to get. Its a bit frustrating that we have to make the journey though as you can’t order online for Ikea in HK!!

That night I was invited to the first of quite a few BBQ’s – the HM’s (House Masters/Misstress’) were getting together for the first time after their summer. It was great to meet everyone although I only remembered a few names haha

Sunday was a day of rest 🙂 I was so excited about not having to set an alarm! So I had a relaxed morning and then in the afternoon we met up with the other new teachers to get our Macbooks and also have a meet and greet with the senior managers and heads of various departments.

Then Monday it was straight into a week of meetings etc. It was all pretty overwhelming as there was so much info to take in and hardly any time to actually plan anything. It only really dawned on me on the Friday that I actually had to teach on Monday – and yr 6 no less!!

However I survived the week and then just needed to wait for the boarders to arrive on the sunday.

Some more observations –

A lot of the girls have American type accents which I wasn’t expecting – it doesn’t seem to matter where they’re from – China, HK, Korea, Australia, UK – they all have a slight American twang – I asked them about it today and those that have English as their second language said it’s probably due to all the films they watch and some of them were taught in American system schools before.

The girls are so sweet! They actually talk to people and they’ve asked me lots of questions about how i’ve settled in and if I like HK

My classes are also so well behaved – they even thank me for teaching them!!

The mosquitos have now found me – I managed to avoid them for a week with my amazing ‘Mosquito Milk’ – a type of mosquito repellent which has been awesome in the past but I think a few have got into the boarding house and got me when I wasn’t wearing any 😦

My day is looooong – 6.15am alarm and then I get to go to bed at 11pm – I’ll write more about my typical day when I have had more than 3 hehe

Today we had a pollution warning – the kids couldn’t go out to do sport and we couldn’t see very far across to the island across the way.


  1. Good to see your settling in!

    Tip: Buses are much more useful than the MTR around the New Territories! Your trip to IKEA sounds painful, there is actually a bus that goes directly from the Tuen Mun Central Bus terminal to Sha Tin (263) – it stops literally at the Shatin MTR station – much faster and more convenient! Use the KMB bus website to search for routes!
    Plus, this way when you return laden with your Ikea wares, you don’t have to worry about changing buses.
    What part of Tuen Mun are you in???

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    1. That’s a great tip! Thanks!!! I’m out on the gold coast x


      1. Oh cool! I walk down to the beach and the piazza there every so often, I’m right on the southeastern edge of Tuen Mun, so pretty close.

        Actually, Gold Coast is probably a bit closer to the Tuen Mun bus interchange. You can actually catch the 263 bus at the interchange, and tons of buses from Gold Coast stop there, including the 61M, and I’m sure a number of others. That way you don’t have to backtrack west all the way to Tuen Mun Town Center just to go east.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Laura, not sure if you’ll pick this up but was wondering if you knew of a good massage place in.Tuen Mun? X


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