‘My driver is bringing my homework in’ and my first teaching week

The first week was all INSET – completely overwhelming in terms of how much I had to get my head around but in the end, the event of the students arriving was not as scary as I thought.

On the Saturday before they arrived I had ventured to Kowloon on my own to get some craft materials. It was my first proper venture on my own and it was quite successful. I do need to figure out the mini bus system a bit better though as I’ve definitely been taking long routes to get places.

The next day the girls arrived – it was a bit of a drawn out process as I had to be ready to meet the new boarders a couple of hours before all the old students came back. In the end though it was a lovely night. I gave them time to catch up and then we sat around the common room and had a chat so we could find out what people had been doing over the summer. It’s a completely different world – most of the girls had spent at least a month somewhere and also been doing tutoring or at summer schools. About 4 of the girls had landed from Switzerland that afternoon after a months summer school and were expected to deal with jet lag and their first week back at school!

On the Monday we did a lot of boring type admin jobs – giving notices/sorting timetables etc and then I taught my first lesson – which happened to be Year 6 RE! The way the system works here is the school is split into Lower school and Upper school. Lower being from K1 (age 3/4) to yr 5 and Upper being yr 6-13. However the Upper school is then also split in to Prep (yr6-8) and Senior (yr 9-13). So I teach yr 6-9 at the moment (I haven’t been given any older ones yet so I can get used to my new job as HM.

I’ll tell you something – Year 6 are something else!! I thought yr 7’s were hard work – they’re nothing on yr6’s haha! I actually had someone ask if they can turn the page as they had filled the first one!

Anyway after the trauma of my first yr 6 lesson (only joking it wasn’t that bad!) I had the evening to get to know the girls a bit more. This time we used the craft stuff I’d bought to make signs for our doors – they seemed to enjoy it. 10985491_10100203811948752_3032146533134060695_nThen I decided we should have a quiz – for those who know me, you know I love a good quiz! As it turns out so does my RHT (Resident House Tutor) as she had a quiz book too – we have a long supply of questions! The kids seemed to enjoy it, even though a few of them wanted to actually go and work on their personal statement…..yup…second day in and they were working!

We then had a pretty normal school week. I’m going to do a post about what my day looks like soon but for now I’ll leave you with some more random musings/thoughts/observations….

The kids are ridiculously talented – loads of amazing musicians and artists as well as academics!

We had an assembly today about respect – which included a section about respecting our ‘helpers’ – who’d have thought i’d be sat anywhere to hear that

I’ve heard ‘my driver is bringing me my homework’ more times that I ever thought I would.

It has actually been a manageable 26 degrees (ish) today and it actually feels cooler.

It has taken me about 7 lessons to get used to actually teaching again and not run over time! 55 mins is not long enough when it takes yr 6’s half an hour to write a title!

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