A typical week

So here it is – my typical week. I was going to start with my typical day but basically my days don’t really end.

As a House Mistress (HM) I am on duty from 7pm Sunday night to about 5.30pm Friday.

The girls arrive for their week between 7pm and 8pm on sunday. We have a registration about 8.15 and then the girls have time to get settled back in. I thought that this time would be time where the girls would all be in the common room socialising but what tends to happen is they’ll go in their rooms and some will even do homework!

Around 9.15 I start the bedroom rounds. Yr 9 have 9.15-9.30pm as reading time and then lights out at 9.30pm. Yr 10 lights out is 9.45pm, yr 11 is 10pm and then yr 12/13 is usually about 10.15/10.30pm.

In the mornings I get up at 6.30am and get ready – I have to check the girls are all awake by 7am and then we head down to breakfast at 7.30am. At 8am we have a registration and the day students join us as well. In my House I have 23 boarders and then 29 day students. Lessons start at 8.15am so once I’ve done registration if I have a class I have to go straight there.

Lessons run for 55 mins and there’s two in the morning then break 10.10am-10.40am and then another two lessons and then lunch. Lunch runs from 12.35pm, where the girls will come back to House for registration or go and do some activities. Then at 1.15pm we all go to lunch together. We sit as a House and the emphasis is on the art of conversation and so myself, and another member of my team who is on lunch duty, have to ensure the students are talking to each other and nobody leaves the table until everyone is finished eating. It’s very civilised!

Then in the afternoon there are 3 more lessons and school finishes at 4.50pm. The day girls come back to House and sign out and the boarders can either be in the House or doing enrichment activities such as sports or music type things. During this time I am in the common room making sure I’m there if they need anything. At 6.30pm we head for dinner. This is slightly more relaxed (but only slightly) in that they can leave once they’ve eaten but they’re pretty good and most will wait for everyone.

At 7pm we have another registration and then the girls start prep (homework). They have this until 8.45pm and have to be in their rooms working quietly. There is usually two of us on duty – myself and then a member of my tutor team. We’re on hand to help out but also wander around making sure the girls are all ok etc. Then at 9.15pm the bedtime routine starts again.

So that’s it in a nutshell really. I’m basically working from 7am – 10.30pm everyday. Luckily we only really have weekly boarders so come Friday afternoon at 5.30pm most of them have gone home and I am free until 7pm Sunday!

This week has been pretty hard going! I’ve been really tired and am so excited it’s Friday. In general the job is great but it’s definitely hard getting used to the long hours and then the lack of sleep – I generally get to sleep, once I’ve wound down, about midnight!  It’s also hard being on site 24hrs a day Sunday – Friday! Although I get to come ‘off duty’ on Thursday night, it’s still not really off duty and I should be on site in my flat. On the upside – I spend very little money on food or anything! This means I can go away lots in the holidays! YEY!!

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