Taipei, Taiwan

I must apologise for the lack of posting and this post is actually from back in September! I’m terrible! But new year so back on it!

The first long weekend that we had in Hong Kong was also the first weekend that I was going to be on duty to look after our full boarders. Luckily, because it was a public holiday the full boarders all headed off to their families or friends which meant I was able to take advantage of it the time!

We decided that we wanted to get away somewhere and researched where was upto 3 hours away. Taipei was only an hour and a half away so that looked like the best bet. We got flights for the Saturday morning as unfortunately I wouldn’t have been able to make a flight on the Friday night.


Made with tins of tuna….


It was so weird because I had organised nothing of this little trip and hadn’t even packed by the Friday night, I was just planning on rocking up to the airport with very little idea of what was happening (I might have to get used to this random, slightly last min travel…fine by me!) The flight was pretty uneventful, well until the cabin crew came around with the landing cards and both me and my friend looked at each other panicking we needed a Visa! It turned out neither of us had really thought to look it up! Number 1 rule of future travel….check Visa requirements….luckily for Taiwan and Bali we don’t need Visa’s – good old British Passport!

We landed and got to our hotel with ease via a taxi – again this was something we hadn’t really researched but I’m starting to realise that travel in other countries isn’t that scary. The hotel was AMAZING!!! I had never stayed in a posh hotel before  – well at least not one with a heated toilet seat with all electric controls and one that I could pretty much control the room from bed! It was great!


We had a wander round in the afternoon and grabbed a little snack before heading to meet a friend of the girl I was travelling with who was randomly in Taipei for the weekend too. We met in Taipei 101 which was the worlds tallest building in 2004, until the opening of Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010.

The lift boasts the title of the worlds fasted passenger elavator and takes you up to the 87th floor in 37 seconds (or something like that – it’s fast and tall!)- lots of ear popping!! The views were pretty good despite the cloud and it was actually pretty interesting to read some of the info about the structure of the building and how it’s been built to withstand earth quakes and typhoons – which was a good thing considering we were at the beginning of a typhoon when we were up there. It has a mass damper inside which is a pendulum that sways to offset movements in the building caused by strong gusts. It was a pretty impressive ball!


That evening we went to Din Tai Fung for some Dim Sum which was yummy – it was so popular that we had to wait for an hour to get in but actually it was worth it! We then had a wander in the rain and came across what looked like a talent show. In fact the whole weekend seemed to have lots of random music performances dotted around – we even came across what appeared to be a flashmob or filming for a music video.

Stay tuned for part two….


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